What should ideally online marketer be like?

What should ideally online marketer be like?

October 19th, 2014 @

This is the first in a series of short articles that I’ll call ‘What should ideally be …’

What should ideally online marketer be like?

It probably depends on specifics of each business, but I would say there are some general rules.

First of all you as an online marketer should understand technical aspect of what you do. In order to be effective, internet marketing requires a well-planned strategy that integrates a particular company’s business model and sales goals with the appearance and function of its website.

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You should try to be ideal for your online customers. Customers have different requirements and understanding those requirements will help you to fulfil your customer’s needs. Show your customers that you care and let them see it on your website and in the way how you perform marketing activities.


After identification of the target consumer base, the next step is to become aware of the competition. The activities of competitors related to the products and the strategies adopted by them to promote their sales online should be carefully evaluated.


No matter whether activities are an ongoing campaign or a specific promotion it’s important to set specific activities and targets that can be measured and valuated.


You should also be able to determine your ideal marketing budget. It can be as a percentage of revenues, percentage of net sales or for some business anything they can afford. It’s always worth to know what average industry or even your competitor’s budget is to be prepared to be able to compete with them.


You as a marketer should continually improve every month. What are you doing this month that is different from what you did last month? Are you delivering better value to the business this month then you were able to deliver last month? Look at little improvements that could be made and over time it will have a dramatic improvement on how your business functions. While it is impossible to improve everything overnight, if you are always vigilant and look for ways to sharpen things up just a little bit, then over time this approach can have a dramatic overall improvement on your productivity.


To be an effective marketer in a world of constantly-changing trends, it is essential to stay at the edge by reading case studies and blogs, attending industry events and seminars – create a system to get the right information and data every day without spending much time.

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