How innovative should ecommerce company be?

How innovative should ecommerce company be?

December 22nd, 2014 @

Every company should be as innovative as their customers expect them to be and possibly more. Many companies have limited information and resources and therefor they are making assumptions. Making assumptions is part of doing business.

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Sometimes companies are shooting themselves in the foot because of their own beliefs and in particular the assumption that management is based on individual self-interest. Management should try to bring out the best in people rather than the worst.

Don’t assume that your assumptions are correct, but take the time to re-examine things.

Most businesses are based on a few key assumptions that represent the highest risk factors that will determine the likelihood of success.  Every business should identify the key assumptions and confirm their correctness as they are thinking through their business model, customer expectations, new product or new service.

There is no point coming up with a ground breaking product innovation strategy that is not at least partly based upon some form of market research or customer feedback.

Are you wondering why everyone else in your industry is passing you by?

Maybe you’re just afraid of change. Base your innovations on sound principles, but don’t hold back because of the fear of being different. Provide your workers with a meaningful and exciting environment.

How the most innovative companies in the world do it?

Google’s workers are allowed to work on their own projects 20% of their time which often leads to new products for the company. Workers will usually be passionate about a project they choose to do, and passionate work produces extraordinary results.

The Apple’s iPod transformed the music business into a digital industry organized around one-at-a-time downloads. The iPhone transformed communication into a multimedia extravaganza. The camera on the iPhone is so advanced that it alone would have cost hundreds of pounds just a few years ago. The company is reportedly bringing a more humane leadership style.

Another understanding of the changes brings Zuckerberg’s law, which states that every year, the amount of information people willingly share will double.

Innovative marketing strategies that are solely looking at what existing customer needs are will often miss out on considering new technologies that are entering the market place. Many companies struggle to balance the quest for operational excellence with an equal focus on achieving innovation excellence.

Also, Digital Marketing experts should understand innovation and how individual channels such as search engine optimisation, pay-per-click and email marketing can all combine to maximise the value of the website.

Using proven techniques, you can develop an online strategy that will increase the visibility of your site. By knowing what appeals to both search engines and users, you can develop an effective strategy that will target the right audience, increase brand awareness and maximise sales.The marketplace and the persons who compose it are constantly changing. As a marketer you’re responsible for changing the game.

Change for the sake of change is often a mistake, but the nature of digital age is change and it has been responsible for one of the most amazing shifts in people’s behavior. Businesses must seek to meet and exceed customer’s needs and expectations with customer relations that are superior to their competition.

Taking inspiration from awesome marketing initiatives that have had genuine business impact is one of the ways to progress. It’s an innovation which clearly adds value for consumers and businesses, and helps them achieve their goals more effectively.

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