How do I know whether my site has been penalized in Google or not?

How do I know whether my site has been penalized in Google or not?

July 25th, 2013 @

Many webmasters worry about penalties when they see their site change in the rankings, and for most times, these changes can be attributed to the nature of the web itself. Google algorithms are constantly changing, to reflect the changing content of the web, and these changes can affect how your website is ranked in our search results.

Working on improving your content and the user experience of your site should be your number one priority.

To clarify, ‘penalized’ means that the site exists in Google but ranks considerably lower while ‘ban’ refers to a situation where the site get removed from Google and doesn’t appear in search pages anymore.

You can easily track penalties by setting up a custom report inside Google Analytics.

From Google Analytics, go to Traffic Sources -> Search Engines. Now click ‘google’ in the reports section on the right. The next page will show traffic to your blog that originates just from Google. Rather than checking this report manually each day, you can setup an alert through Email -> Schedule -> Daily, sent each morning.

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